What is roid rage? Is roid rage real? | Roid rage meme and definition
Roid rage

Roid Rage – Cruel behavior, accompanied by uncontrollable and sudden outbursts of anger.

Surely many of you have heard of such a concept as roid rage. She was often covered with athletes who were accused of various kinds of violence. However, it was enough for the defense to utter the magic phrase: “my client could not control himself, because he had roid rage,” as a judge, instead of an objective conviction, he softened him considerably, or even prescribed treatment altogether. After all, it was already a question of a sick person, what to take from him.

For a while, this has become a favorite defense practice in all matters in which athletes have been involved. This was one of the reasons why steroids became illicit drugs. They were actually equated with drugs.

Roid rage meme
Roid rage meme

Does this mean that roid rage does not exist? No, it really exists. But let’s get it all in order.

At the head of the roid rage is the main male sex hormone – testosterone. It is he who is responsible for the degree of dominance of the male. Nature decreed that men were initially more aggressive than women. This is due physiologically. The more testosterone – the more aggression increases.

After all, it was not without reason that our ancestors in the competitive struggle had to physically defend their right to superiority and a place in the sun.

Despite the development of society, intellect and moral norms, biochemical processes in our organisms continue to operate according to the same laws and principles as before.

This means that we can often do things that are at odds with logic and common sense. Someone looked askance, cut on the road, Naham. There is a desire to fill the cad muzzle. However, a sensible person easily extinguishes this impulse.

When you use exogenous testosterone, its concentration in the blood many times exceeds the physiological one.

Does this mean that you are becoming a mad aggressor?

Roid rage meme
Roid rage meme

Not. We, for the most part, are rewarded with the intellect, which allows us not to stoop to primitive reflexes. Now we explain on the fingers. If you are initially able to control yourself, then even in spite of the increased level of aggression and self-confidence, obtained from high doses of testosterone, you will not lose self-control.

Again, different steroids in different ways affect this factor, not to mention the individual susceptibility.

Bursts of aggression on the course are familiar only to a small percentage of people using pharmacology. The vast majority of them easily cope with this. The same stimulus on the course and off course is perceived almost equally.

However, all the rules have their exceptions. If a person is too arrogant, blatant, irritable and aggressive by nature, then steroids will only increase the instability of his psyche. Such a goat is in itself a threat to society, steroids only slightly increase its inadequacy.

But then we all know what the unfortunate athlete will refer to in court. Damned steroids. They are all to blame.

Roid rage meme
Roid rage meme

At the New England Medical Center, research was conducted to prove or disprove the existence of dependence on steroid use and manifestations of asocial and cruel behavior.

The groups were selected people with a stable psyche, without deviations in behavior. The control group received 600 mg of testosterone per week for 10 weeks. As a result, they did not reveal any deviations in behavior.

A man with a cold head on his shoulders can easily redirect additional aggression to business, to training, to sex at last. Increased self-confidence in this case does not interfere, but only helps.

If you have an explosive nature and unstable behavior, you often get into trouble, have multiple problems with the law and look for a reason for unreasonable conflicts – this is not a roid rage, it’s about yourself. Learn to reason like an adult and take responsibility for your own words and deeds.