Training of hands from Calum Von Moger, Calum arm workout
calum arm workout

This hand training from the popular bodybuilder Calum von Moger will help you build big biceps and triceps with Calum arm workout

Pump voluminous hands with the old school, as in the golden age of bodybuilding, using the program on the hands of Calum Von Moger. The training of the hands on the mass according to the principles of the old school implies the use of heavy basic exercises.

I’m not interested in what the bodybuilders look like today. I prefer classical athletes, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dave Draper and Franco Colombo. They had incredible symmetry, excellent proportions and unimaginable overall development. So I want to look like these guys, well, maybe a little better.

Hand training on the mass from Calum Von Moger

calum von moger bench pressIn this scheme, an old approach is used to train the hands, which will help you build high-biceps peaks and tight horseshoe-shaped triceps. We will work on the mass, and draw a shape. Our goal is not just size. We strive to build size, aesthetics, proportions and balance. I strive to raise myself to the next level – to break the previous strategy and goal.

If I leave everything as before, I will stop developing. You will not grow unless you push yourself to the next level. If you want to see the result, you need to complicate the workouts.

Add this workout to your program once or twice a week to maintain the growth of your hands calum arm workout.

This training is simple, with a scheme of six exercises calum von moger bench press: three exercises for your biceps and three for triceps. Start with 12-15 repetitions to warm up the muscles, and then lower your repetitions to the level for building muscles – 4-5 sets for 6-12 repetitions. The large weight and volume of the exercise will be guaranteed as a pump for your hands.

I try to add mass with the help of basic exercises, and improve the relief with the help of isolated exercises. Start with multi-joint movements – this is the best way to work on the weight and size of your hands, and end with isolated exercises for detailing, embossing and adding expressiveness buy anabolic steroids online to the muscles of your hands.

Exercises for training hands

Raising the bar on the biceps

calum von moger workoutsAt the age of 18 or 19 years of membership in the gym I did not have calum arm workout. All I had was a bar, some weight and some dumbbells. And I only knew the lifting of the barbell standing on the bicep Calum von Moger workouts. Today, it’s still one of my favorite exercises. I believe that lifting the barbell standing on the biceps is a great exercise to start work on the hands, because it is aimed at balance and coordination. This is not isolation and not the machine you rely on, it will help develop your center and overall strength.

Bending of arms with a rod on a Scottish bench

Concentrate on the right technique – the elbows are tightly pressed to the stand, do not rock, without jerks and jerks, and a large stretch when bending hands with the bar on Scott’s bench. At the peak of this isolated exercise calum shoulder workout, do not forget to squeeze your biceps as hard as possible for maximum inflation.

Stay focused throughout the whole movement, otherwise you will not pump up your hands like the classic bodybuilding champions calum arm workout. Build a brain-muscle connection. This will give you more control, and you can feel the continued growth of muscles. Do not be afraid to play with different grips, it will hit your bicep from different angles.

Concentrated folding with one hand

I prefer to finish the training of the biceps with concentrated bending of one hand. This is a wonderful insulating exercise that will strengthen your biceps and help build high peaks.

I love doing it with extra resistance. When it comes to the concentrated bending of one hand, contact as much power as possible, but do not forget to control the non-centered (lowered) part of the movement. You do not want to shake the bottom or just drop the dumbbells.

French press (press with EZ – bar)

calum shoulder workoutPress your elbows as close to the body as possible, and hold them locked while you hold the weight. I prefer to carry the bar to my forehead to increase the load on the triceps. Explode on the ups and smoothly under control to lower the bar down.

You do not need to always adhere to a special number of sets and repetitions. You should stick to the principle of some model of training, but at the same time you need to break the rules and step over your “standard numbers”. Compete with yourself and grow!

Extension of hands with a dumbbell from behind the head

For a really thoughtful blow to your triceps, you need to raise your arms above your head. Maintain control when you put dumbbells behind your head, for a really good load, lower them as low as possible and keep all the time at the maximum.

Push-ups on the uneven bars

Push-ups on the uneven bars are an excellent final exercise calum arm workout. Your triceps are already tired and push-up on the uneven bars will give them an additional final push. If necessary, what is tren increase the intensity by adding the number of repetitions, counting and decreasing your period for rest. Do the maximum possible number of repetitions, regardless of your fatigue.

The golden rule of Calum Von Moger in training hands

Not sure if you train hard enough? Pass the following test: At the end of your workout, try to touch your shoulder. If your biceps are so inflated that you can not pull them out, then you have done your job well. If you easily touch the deltoid muscle with your hand, you need to continue working.