Train Like Thor: Chris Hemsworth Workout Plan For The Role Of Thor
Chris Hemsworth Workout

At 36 years old, this Australian actor can wipe his nose with twenty-year-old alpha guys. The point here is not so much in genetics as in the non-standard Hollywood approach to training. Most often, actors preparing for “muscle” roles move to the gym and work hard with bars and simulators. There is definitely an effect from this, but there are also some nuances that the training application specialists have explained to us.

Superhero Workout: Bodyweight VS Weights

Bodyweight VS Weights
Just a reservation: Chris Hemsworth does not exclude training with extra weight, but tries to focus on bodyweight exercises. One of the main reasons for this choice is the lifestyle of the actor. Like any Australian, Hemsworth is engaged in surfing, competitive sports and loves to swim. Therefore, training should not only make him pumped up and strong, but also help maintain plasticity, endurance, and speed. Here is what the actor himself says on this subject:

My training for the role of Thor advanced and developed. I was too big in the first film, too bulky and tough. At that time weightlifting was key in training, so we decided to add more movement, flexibility, high-intensity and functional training. I needed to develop this dexterity, especially for Thor: Ragnarok and then for Avengers: Infinity War. My character may be angular, but never move like a rusty vessel.

That is why most of his exercises relate more to workout and crossfit, than to classical weightlifting. In addition, this approach to training fits perfectly into the busy schedule of the Thor, because he can train almost anywhere and anytime. And then he practically does not have to dry later. Due to the high-intensity loads and protein diet, intermediate water practically does not accumulate in his body. On the contrary, exercises help to burn more subcutaneous fat and achieve relief.

What Exercises To Include In Training To Get Chris Hemsworth Abs

What Exercises To Include In Training

As in any other workout, a set of exercises with its own weight should involve all muscle groups. Chris Hemsworth’s personal trainer – Luke Zokki – took this nuance into account, and we will not miss it either. Moreover, we, together with the specialists who composed the training programs for the Titan application, will supplement this list with other effective exercises.

Dips will allow you to work out the pectoral muscles, triceps and strengthen the shoulder girdle. Admittedly, this is not the easiest exercise, but beginners should not give it up. In the initial stages, partial bending of the arms is allowed. Due to this, it is possible to adjust the amplitude, and hence the load as a whole.

Push-ups. As in the case of pull-ups, you can adjust the load on individual muscle groups. Here the variability is even greater than in pull-ups: narrow, wide or reverse arms, with bending the arms for themselves or to the sides, with bouncing, with a stand under the legs or arms and so on. Depending on the initial physical capabilities, everyone will be able to choose suitable options for themselves, and as they move on, connect new, more complex variations.

Pull-ups are a universal exercise that works out practically all muscle groups of the body and arms, depending on the grip. So, for example, a narrow back grip is perfect for training the biceps, and a wide forward grip – for the shoulders and chest.

Plank is another isolating exercise that helps strengthen core muscles and train willpower. Never in your lifetime will go as slowly as when you fulfill the bar. Therefore, in order not to “get bored,” alternate different types of planks: a full plank on straight arms, in a rack on the elbows, with legs raised alternately, with alternately turning the body while resting on one arm, a side plank.

Raising your torso from a prone position is a basic abdominal exercise that you did back in school. The biggest mistake in its implementation is excessive emphasis on the legs, which ultimately take most of the load from the press. Because of this, many who do it incorrectly complain of low efficiency. If you are unable to fix your feet on the floor, start with a simpler variation of the exercise. Lie on your back, raise your legs and squeeze them in your knees at 90 degrees. After that, make jerks with a small amplitude of the body. Having strengthened the upper abdominal muscles, you will be able to move to the correct “lift”.

Raising the legs in the hang on the crossbar. The main condition is no jerking and swinging. The slower you lift, the more effective it will be for the muscles of the core and legs. Raising straight legs right away can be difficult, so start by lifting your knees. The next level is the perpendicular of straight legs, then – with straight legs to the crossbar, and at the end – a corner, that is, keeping the straight legs in the perpendicular for a while.

Plyometric squats. If regular squats with your own weight do not seem effective enough to you, then plyometric squats will literally make your legs burn. During a deep squat, you need to push off the ground and jump. Such squats burn a large number of calories, train endurance, and “explosive” power. Due to the intensity, the need for extra weight simply disappears.

Raising the legs

Rock climber is an excellent cardio exercise that effectively acts on the abs, arms and legs, improves posture, increases the elasticity of ligaments and intensively burns fat. All that is needed is to stand up lying down and, with fast jerks, alternately pull your legs to your hands.

Burpee is one of the best exercises with your own weight. During its execution, the pectoral muscles and the muscles of the cortex, the deltoid muscles of the shoulders, triceps, trapezius muscles of the back, buttocks, hip biceps, quadriceps, and calves are involved. All this is within the framework of one exercise, which does not require absolutely any equipment other than sex.

How To Organize Full Circle Fitness Outside The Gym

The main advantage of training with your own weight is that you are not tied to the gym and fitness equipment. On the other hand, this often confuses people. How to train, how many approaches and repetitions to do, how to combine exercises and, most importantly, how to develop the load of such training? In fact, there are only two ways.

The first is to study these issues as much as possible by watching a lot of videos, re-reading a bunch of articles and talking with more experienced athletes. This is quite laborious and does not negate the nuances due to the difference of opinion. Therefore, if you initially do not have extensive knowledge on the topic, but have a desire to experience training with your own weight, the second option is suitable for you.

The second is to choose a convenient application in which training programs, explanations for the implementation of exercises and a system for developing indicators are prescribed in advance. In fact, this is your personal trainer, thanks to which you can achieve certain achievements in terms of physical capabilities. Just take a look at the sections and their descriptions that the application offers: