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The first cycle of anabolic steroids – typical mistakes

Working as an instructor in the gym, I often encounter questions from people not involved in any sport: “How to gain muscle mass as soon as possible, how to dry and how easy it is to be beautiful and strong?” Today, information about training, nutrition and anabolic steroids ( AC) is available to all. More and more people are ready to resort to pharmacological support. I will try to answer and express my opinion about the use of anabolic steroids by non-professional athletes.

I will not say that my experience in using the AU is valuable, but it can be useful, especially for beginner athletes and amateurs who have decided to use pharmacological support or, as already said, “cure”. Many make some mistakes when composing the first cycle. Let’s try to disassemble them.

1. Use of anabolic steroids under the age of 21 years.

Application of AU to this age is not recommended, since the level of endogenous (internal) testosterone is already high without the intervention of exogenous (external). At this age, the body continues to form its endocrine system.

2. Use of steroids with a small experience of training in the gym.

Do not take the steroids, if you have a small experience of employment. When steroids are taken in, the muscles rapidly become stronger. However, the ligamentous apparatus is not progressing so quickly. There will be a chance of injury. The minimum occupational experience should be 2-3 years. During this time, the ligament apparatus will have time to adapt to the loads.

Use of steroids with a small experience of training in the gym is prohibited
Use of steroids with a small experience of training in the gym is prohibited

3. Frivolous attitude to their health.

Any pharmacological drug has contraindications and side effects. Make sure you do not have chronic diseases of the heart, liver, kidneys, endocrine system.

4. Too long and difficult cycle.

When using the speakers for the first time, you should not resort to cycles longer than 6 weeks. Your goal is to conduct a short cycle, look at the reaction of the body and make a conclusion. Prefer solo schemes (taking only one drug). Do not use more than 1 oral drug, such as: methandienone, oxandrolone, stanozolol, oxymetholone, turinabol. With this use, the load on the liver will increase, since they are alkylated at 17-alpha. Stop your choice on one of the above preparations. Since they are less flavored and will not significantly harm your endogenous testosterone. With the right combination of taking the drug, diet, exercise, rest, you can achieve results even when taking a solo scheme. Remember – a lot is not always good.

Hard steroid cycles are not recommended for newbie bodybuilders
Hard steroid cycles are not recommended for newbie bodybuilders

5. Insufficient training intensity.

Many novice athletes remain on the same training regime while taking steroids. During the cycle, add at least one training day per week. The intensity of training should also change. This is due to the acceleration of the body’s recovery process.

6. Insufficient calorie and protein intake.

Eat enough, add to the diet sports nutrition. Supplementing BCAA or protein does not hurt. And it will even be necessary because of the acceleration of protein synthesis. You should not be in a state of calorie deficiency.

7. Lack of competent PCT (post cycle therapy).

Although the use of non-flavoring drugs does not significantly depress your endogenous testosterone, however, insurance does not hurt anyone. It is strongly recommended to include in PCT: tamoxifen, tribulus or yohimbine. Also take a hepatoprotector. I believe that Kars is the best drug. Essentiale Forte is not suitable, as a slightly different principle of action. But do not take a hepatoprotector during the cycle, but only after its completion.

Post cycle therapy
Post cycle therapy

8. High expectations from receiving speakers.

Progress when taking anabolic steroids will definitely be. Just do not wait for something supernatural. Be prepared that after the cycle part of the result will be gone. To help you come creatine, tribulus and yohimbine.


The first cycle should be easy and introductory. Your primary goal is to conduct the shortest possible cycle and draw conclusions, evaluate the effect of the drug on your body. If a person is using anabolic steroids for the first time, then with proper use, training, nutrition, PCT, the results can be quite impressive. Remember, the most important principle is not to harm yourself. And most importantly, bodybuilding is the business of thinking people.

Expert’s opinion

The article identifies the main mistakes that young athletes make when they first try to use steroids. In my opinion, the first cycle should be as short as possible so that the athlete can conclude about the effect of the drug on the body. As a rule, the most optimal cycle is no more than 6 weeks.

One of the main mistakes that is written about in this article is the beginning of taking the drug before the age of 21. It is categorically not recommended to do this, since at this age the endocrine system was not yet completely formed. Also, many novice athletes tend to take steroids on a small experience in weightlifting and sports. As a result, the ligaments do not keep pace with the rapid development of muscles, which increases the likelihood of injury. In addition, when taking steroids, you should not be in a mode of calorie deficiency.

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