Push up challenge 30 days
push up challenge 30 days

Here is an intense push up challenge 30 days that will help develop your arms and chest muscles and increase your overall strength. The program of push up challenge 30 days should be comprehensive and well thought out. To get a visible result, a person should be engaged long and constantly. This program of training is quite popular, as its implementation allows you to qualitatively work out several groups of muscles. The complex should be completed within 7 days.


The daily schedule lasts 25 minutes. If you do everything correctly, then not only the body will be transformed, but the level of endurance will become much higher. In addition, it will be possible to increase the number of push-ups.

The program for beginners is aimed at strength training of muscles. A person can quickly increase the number of repetitions. If at the initial stages to do 30 push-ups from the floor, then after 6-8 weeks you can reach 100 push-ups. But training should be daily.

The system of push-ups is aimed at accomplishing a large number of approaches and achieving a high level of endurance. The training program does not provide for the parallel execution of other exercises, because you can squander your forces and achieve nothing. Then push-ups will not be performed in full force, inefficient, and a qualitative result will not be achieved. The program of push-ups from the floor is designed for those who already on the first day are able to wring 30 times for 1 approach.

30 day push up challenge for men
30 day push up challenge for men

Recommendations to the athlete

The program of push-ups from the floor is quite complicated. To perform push-ups from the floor from scratch, this program is not suitable, because a person does not have enough strength to perform at least 1 approach. The main load is accounted for by the muscles of the upper humeral girdle, and is also distributed to the triceps and muscles of the chest.

Important is the additional load. It is aimed at the development of such muscle groups:

  • press,
  • delta,
  • front of the thigh.

Exercise is performed in the gym or at home. There is no need to use additional equipment. For push up challenge 30 days from the floor you need only your own weight and weighting (if desired), which will increase the intensity of the exercises.

For push-ups on the mass, it is important to control the exercise time and tempo. One of the most important criteria is the number of repetitions. It is necessary to do 6 approaches with interruptions of 30 seconds. After the end of training, you can not move to another set of exercises. It should be a day to rest and gain strength. Since every time the load will increase, the muscles should be in good shape 30 day challenge for men.


The training schedule is painted by the day, so the first thing to do is to carefully review the proposed requirements. The first day on the floor will have to spend the shortest period of time for the whole week. In total it is necessary to implement 6 approaches, it is necessary to start with 10 times, adding with each approach 1 push-up. A total of 76 push-ups.

Training on mass on the second day has 81 repetitions. You need to start with 11 push-ups, and finish 16. Plan the third day: 6 approaches, starting 12 times. In total, you need to do 86 push-ups, push up challenge 30 days.

The program for push-ups on Day 4 totals 91 exercises, and the lesson begins with 13 push-ups. On the 5th day, 96 repetitions should be performed, starting 14 times, and on Day 6 – 101 exercises, starting 15 times. One hundred push-ups the athlete must make on the 7th day. For the first 3 approaches he performs 20 push-ups, for the next 2 – 15, and for the final approach – 10 times.

Push-ups from the floor are held at a certain frequency. The main principle of the proposed scheme is regular repetition. At each subsequent performance of the exercise, it is necessary to reduce the time of the exercise. The load gradually increases, so the developed plan is designed for those who have no problems with the cardiovascular system and other serious diseases. Therefore, before you begin to train intensively, you should consult your doctor.