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mario lopez abs

Are you cold? Now we will warm you very well! The boys – with a cruel example of a perfect male body, the girls – with a terribly sexy Latin American who will melt you down.

He is Mario Lopez abs and, notice !, he is 44. You may not remember at the moment who he is, but once you see him, he will seem familiar to you – he has been shooting since the 80s of the last century and has been involved in stacks serials and movies. His kinorolles are not among the most successful, but appearances on Broadway and Broadcasting bring him tremendous popularity in the United States.

Today Mario is acting as a TV presenter and has participated in the reality Dancing with the Stars. In addition, there are 3 books published – the first reveals the secrets of his training program, and the next two are dedicated to healthy eating and contain a variety of dietary recipes.

At the end of last week, however, the exotic Lopez provoked a streaming furor with a short stripe on air. He showed his perfect body, deftly depicted by Ellen DeJennes in her popular show. The goal of the guy was to show her whether she was wearing lingerie from her own collection already on the market. But, besides a pair of boxers, Mario Lopez abs workout also demonstrated his excellent physical shape, including his remarkable abdominal press. Hot, hot …

Box! The affectionate American has long told everyone that it is this sport that is the universal training to get rid of excess fat.

He has repeatedly said that boxing is among the most balanced ways to maintain muscle density and mass and, at the same time, to keep a low percentage of subcutaneous fat. Of course, to the usual sparring and serious cardio endurance program, he also adds appropriate weight-bearing exercises mario lopez abs.

Train Abs with Mario Lopez

In addition, Lopez does not miss sports events – charity marathons, swimming and triathlon races, and what not.

He also falls on water sports – surfing, kite and diving and, in general, leading a most active lifestyle.

But it always emphasizes that the workout should be tailored to the specific goal everyone has. He follows several types of programs, depending on whether he or she is boosting his or her muscle mass, or just maintaining it at a certain level in order to embark on the next sporting challenge mario lopez abs.

We can only say that the guy has found the right scheme for himself because it looks really stunning … In this line of thought, do not miss to look at our gallery.



  1. blood_around August 29, 2018

    despite his not so young age, he is in good shape, this is especially evident from boxing sparring

  2. sakaen September 11, 2018

    If a person is talented, he is talented in everything. A striking example of Mario Lopez !!!

  3. death-lord47 October 22, 2018

    A great presenter on the TV channel and a good actor))))

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