Larry Wheels powerlifter discusses the use of steroids
larry wheels powerlifter

Larry Wheels powerlifter, a 21-year-old new York world record holder, discusses the use of steroids and the side effects they have caused.”

Bodybuilding and Powerlifting can rightfully be called brothers. On the one hand, these disciplines have many common features. After all, it’s unlikely that anyone will be surprised by a bodybuilder who has been re-qualified in powerlifting. It happens the other way around, when the siloviki become bodybuilders. And the training in both disciplines is at least similar.

And on the other hand, as between brothers, between bodybuilding and sport, which is undoubtedly powerlifting, there are many differences. It is in these differences that the differences in the drugs used by athletes are concentrated.

The main goal that a powerlifter must put before himself is larry wheels powerlifter, of course, to increase the strength indicators, and not as in the case of bodybuilders build-up of muscle mass. Steroid courses on strength are a priority for powerlifters.

The second difference is the increased load on the joints and ligaments, which rewards the powerlifting. Of course, the load on this part of the body in bodybuilding is not much less, but cases of damage to ligaments or joints in this discipline are registered at times less than in powerlifting.

Steroid courses on power in powerlifting and their features

larry williams powerliftingPreviously, many athletes believed that dosages in bodybuilding are times higher than those that can boast of powerlifting. In fact, it turned out that this rule is peculiar only for athletes of small weight groups or for athletes using such drugs as growth hormone or insulin.

After all, the periodicity and duration, which the steroid course can boast of, depends only on the goals and tasks assigned to the athlete. For example, powerlifting is such that you can safely resort to using a constant course, for the whole season, as does Louis Simmons, whose course has not stopped for 28 years.

And if this approach does not suit you larry wheels powerlifter, or if you do not set yourself the task of destroying your rivals in competitions, and powerlifting is more of a hobby for you, then shorter cycles, for example the 3 + 3 scheme, will work for you. And, of course, you can apply for help to the weekly courses, for 6-8 weeks, which will begin, and end on the eve of the competition.

On this I propose to end with an introduction and return to the one for which we have gathered here – the current steroid courses are on force. That is, we will tell you about the available hormonal, steroid and all other drugs that the powerlifter can use. I divide these substances into groups in advance, so that problems with the realization of what and for what did not arise from any person reading this article.

Preparations for ligaments and joints of an athlete.

A growth hormone.

For powerlifter growth hormone or simply GH plays an equally important role than for a bodybuilder. In principle, everything here is very similar to bodybuilding, there are only small differences. The first most significant difference: in combination with the GH powerlifter, it is not necessary to take a thyroxine. The second difference: the dosage of growth hormone in powerlifting is inferior to it in bodybuilding, 4-6 ME per day or once every two days.


If the use of growth hormone does not always lead to an increase in weight, then you can not avoid weight gain when taking dexamethasone. What pleases all the weight you gain is the muscles. Another plus of dexamethasone: this drug for ligaments and joints makes the ligaments more elastic and flexible, which will help you in the fight against inflammation and joint pain.

Important: Dexamethasone, like many other drugs for ligaments and joints larry wheels williams, is available in four forms, this solution, injections, eye drops and tablets. To use in weightlifting, only dexamethasone in tablets will do. Of course, you can take and injections, but this type of drug because of its way of application (injections are made into the joints) larry wheels powerlifter, can lead to an increase in the load on the joints and ligaments, which for the powerlifters is undesirable.

Take dexamethasone, like many other drugs for ligaments and joints, is best with interruptions, i.e. eat for 2-3 weeks, after which it is necessary to follow commensurable for the duration of rest. Although I note that a longer course of taking dexamethasone will hardly lead to side effects, because as they manifest mainly in the injection method of use. But everything is exactly desirable not to exceed the limit in the specified 2-3 weeks.

A few words need to be said about the drugs used together with dexamethasone.

Dexamethasone reduces the effectiveness of the following substances and preparations:

  1. Insulin.
  2. Human growth hormone.
  3. Antibacterial drugs.
  4. Antihypertensive drugs.

In turn, the effectiveness of dexamethasone, than not endowed with other drugs for ligaments and joints, can be reduced by such drugs as ephedrine and phenobarbital.


larry wheels williamsToday, this drug is extremely popular among powerlifters. Although nandrolone can be detected for a long time in doping tests, in spite of this, nandrolone is very popular among athletes. Just as important in all this is the price of nandrolone, the drug is several times cheaper than the same growth hormone.

Nandrolone, like many other drugs for ligaments and joints, is a relatively strong drug, with a weak predisposition to converting to estradiol, for this reason nandrolone can cause accumulations of excess fluids in the body larry wheels powerlifter. This is perhaps the most significant drawback of this drug.

The positive features of Nandrolone include its anti-inflammatory effect, estrogen and progestins have a similar effect. In addition, nandrolone is able to influence not only, to say the force, but also the athlete’s endurance.

The negative effects of using nandrolone as a preparation for ligaments and joints include its ability to suppress the production of natural testosterone, which means that it reduces the conductivity of nerve fibers, which ultimately can lead to a disruption of the rectal function and a reduction in progress in the process of recruitment of force indicators. The best steroids courses on strength are unlikely to include this drug. On the other hand – to eliminate this defect in the course of nandrolone, you can include an androgenic drug, for example, the same testosterone.

Aids and drugs that should be used after a course of steroids

Insulin and IGF-1.

Recovery after a course of steroids is not an easy task. To fully reanimate your body, you will have to spend a lot of energy and money on ancillary equipment. As it was said in the title of the subsection, insulin in powerlifting is used as a preparation of the restoring muscle. Although I do not deny that insulin can also be used as an assistant in the process of muscle building. And yet his main task in powerlifting is to restore. Apply the drug immediately before training, in small doses of 8-12 ME.

Even better is the insulin-like growth factor or simply IGF-1 in the recovery process, to which the powerlifter should pay attention. There is an opinion that IGF-1 also contributes to the increase in strength indicators, but there is no scientific confirmation of this theory. In any case, cleaning after a course of steroids with IGF-1 is guaranteed to you.


Drostanolone is considered a bodybuilding drug, but it can also be used by the powerlifter larry williams powerlifting, and for the most part it is, because drostanolone is almost the best preparation for the preparation for the competition. And this is due to his ability to remove excess water from the body of an athlete. This property will also help the athlete larry wheels powerlifter, who has gone beyond the limits of his weight category.

Among other things, drostanolone is a good and strong enough androgenic helper in restoring the nervous system after a course of steroids.


Methyltestosterone, as the choice to which the powerlifter resorts, as well as drostanolone, has a pronounced androgenic effect. Methyltestosterone, in comparison with testosterone, is a weaker drug, however, it also has its advantages. For example, a drug when ingested into a human body is converted to a more potent 17-methyl-dihydrotestosterone, while testosterone is converted to dihydrotestosterone larry wheels williams. This property allows Methyltestosterone, to actively influence the power component of the athlete by increasing all power indicators at times.


Actovegin, unlike most drugs used after the course of steroids and in its course, is not among the prohibited. Oral or injectable Actovegin is best for use. When taking injections, remember that injections of this drug are very painful, just try not to exceed admissible doses from 2 to 5 ml (80-200 mg).

Actovegin in its structure contributes to the process of utilization of oxygen, thereby increasing energy metabolism. In simple words, actovegin, if used by a powerlifter, increases the energy reserve of an athlete after a course of steroids. In sports, actovegin is mainly used as a drug that enhances peripheral circulation larry wheels powerlifter. Or as a means to restore glycogen stores.


Pentoxifylline, if used by a powerlifter, in fact, is a cheap substitution for Actovegin. Less effective, but more affordable drug, which can be used after courses of steroids.

Preparations that increase strength and weight


Of course, in the first place we will talk about testosterone. If you set a goal to gain as much weight as possible, testosterone will be your best option. Testosterone in the amount of 10% is converted dihydrotestosterone, which contributes to the restoration of physical strength.

Testosterone, implanted in the best steroid courses on strength larry wheels powerlifter, has many positive features, this is its price and a variety of ethers, each athlete will find something to his liking. It is also worth noting that testosterone is a rapidly excreted drug from the body that will please some of you. Powerlifting is such a sport that this property is very important.


Oxymetholone is an excellent drug that increases the strength component. However, often leading to the accumulation of water in the body. This steroid for powerlifters can be both useful and dangerous.

Power Pharmacology Powerlifting


Trenbolone is one of the best drugs that increase the strength indicators, the preparation is almost perfectly balanced androgenic and progestagenic components. The longest ethers of trenbolone, such as trenbolone enanthate, were the best in the process of increasing the strength of oneself. Even better, the drug manifests itself in combination with testosterone, I advise this combination to all powerlifters.


Oxandrolone, practically does not contribute to the growth of muscle mass, but significantly increases the strengths, for this reason it is the optimal choice for light weight athletes for whom powerlifting is more than a hobby. Perhaps the only drawback of oxandrolone is its price, the drug can not be called cheap. Oxandrolone, introduced into powerlifting, is one of the long-playing drugs, it completely leaves the body only after 2 weeks.


Fluoxymesterone or halotestin, as well as oxandrolone, as the power pharmacology of powerlifting, causes an increase in strength, without weight gain. Previously, the drug was a cheap substitute for oxandrolone. However, these days their prices are approximately equal. Given the negative effect of fluoxymesterone on the liver, I would not advise it to use larry williams powerlifting, it is better not to regret money and buy oxandrolone. This is a safer analogue, however, expensive.


Oralturinabol, like the pharmacology of powerlifting larry wheels powerlifter, is a well-studied anabolic steroid, perhaps it took no less time to study it than to study testosterone. Oralturinabol, the pharmacology of powerlifting, developed back in the GDR, is an excellent assistant in increasing the strength indicators. Especially well the drug proved itself in throwing and pushing disciplines in athletics, such as throwing a hammer or a spear, a shot put, but can be successfully used also as steroids of powerlifting.


Stanozolol is very similar in its effect to oralturinabol and other pharmacology of powerlifting, it, just like OT, shows itself well in pushing and throwing disciplines, plus it helps in strengthening of jerky and progressive movements, i.e. where you need strength, not muscle. Probably, for this reason, stanozolol was the favorite drug of all runners in the twentieth century. In those years stanozolol was produced exclusively in the form of tablets – strombofort, oral pharmacology of powerlifting. Surprisingly, in its effectiveness, it exceeds most of the modern oral preparations containing stanozolol.

Applying all of the above drugs, it is worth remembering two important truths.

First: do not build your workouts or your entire career, based on steroids. Steroids should become your helpers, not you their slaves.

Second: in no case should not be abused steroid drugs, the pharmacology of powerlifting. It does not mean better anymore. After all, most of these drugs, even in normalized doses, can lead to the accumulation of fluid in the body. What to say about overdoses.