Injecting testosterone for bodybuilding
injecting testosterone for bodybuilding

This article discusses the dangers of injecting testosterone for bodybuilding, and highlights some of the safe alternatives that are available. One of the effective means, often used in bodybuilding, are injections for muscle growth. Those days when athletes hoped for good results only on their own, irretrievably gone. Their place was occupied by various medical preparations, designed to improve the figure of the athlete and improve his athletic performance.

1. Feasibility of using similar methods and their purpose

testosterone injections bodybuildingSooner or later, every professional sportsman faces a situation when he can not improve his performance. In this case, there is a kind of stagnation, to overcome which it is necessary to completely reconsider the approach to training and life style in general. This is how you should deal with similar problems using your natural reserve injecting testosterone for bodybuilding. Pharmacological industry has a special opinion on this issue, creating various drugs for the development of muscles and obtaining improved results. In order to understand how such tools affect the muscles, stimulating their growth, it is necessary first to consider the natural process of development of the latter.

So, for the formation of a strong figure and a tight body meets only one hormone, called testosterone. It is he who gives impetus to the growth of muscle tissue, contributing to the increase of its mass and the creation of a relief body. In its essence, testosterone injections bodybuilding is a male sex hormone and pentadex 300, in addition to musculature, promotes the manifestation of male sexual characteristics. These include the growth of hair on the body, the development of genital organs and many other factors characteristic of a strong half of humanity.

Based on this property of the male hormone injecting testosterone for bodybuilding, pharmacological companies create a variety of means to build muscle. By their structure, these substances are the same testosterone bodybuilding or agents that promote its increased production by the body, only placed in an ampoule. To achieve the greatest effect, they must be introduced locally, that is, directly into the muscle. Such a process is unpleasant, and in some cases, involving small muscles, is capable of delivering real anguish. Therefore, before using a similar technique, it is necessary to clearly understand the possible consequences of the procedure and determine its feasibility.

2. Local injections with steroid drugs

A set of muscle mass, in the traditional sense of the word, is an art. To achieve a positive result, athletes think through many details, from the training process to the organization of food. Their day is painted to the smallest detail, where every minute is responsible for its specific action. The use of injections to increase muscle mass can only bring an effect when used by professional bodybuilders who have a solid training experience.

testosterone supplement bodybuildingThe explanation is simple: during the training process, sooner or later, there comes a period of stagnation, as a result of which the indicators do not get better, no matter how hard the athlete tries. The injecting testosterone for bodybuilding for muscle growth can indeed provide positive dynamics, but to achieve the same effect, the training program should be changed, and the diet is universalized. Only the use of such an integrated approach makes it possible to overcome the stage of stagnation and to ensure a further build-up of the musculature.

From this it follows that for those people who do not engage in bodybuilding professionally and do not root for it with all their heart, the application of such an approach is unlikely to bring results.

Therefore, you should not even spend your time and material resources on it. It should also be noted that similar drugs have a relatively high cost and are intended for long-term use. How can it be otherwise? After all, if an athlete makes one injection to gain muscle mass and obtain the desired result, then it will not bring any profit to the manufacturer. Proceeding from this the rate of reception of similar means can fluctuate within 1-4 months.

3. Harm to health and a list of the most popular formulations

By its structure, injections for muscle building are nothing more than steroid anabolic substances testosterone supplement bodybuilding. The method of their application consists in carrying out intramuscular injections, which must be done directly in that part of the body, which should receive a boost in growth. At one time, many articles were written about the dangers of such techniques, and I must say that they are indeed capable of causing significant harm to health. Usually such a development is possible only in case of non-observance of the dosage of tiger steroids and their abuse. In general, the consequences of neglecting the instruction are as follows:

  • liver damage;
  • increase the content of female sex hormones in the body;
  • hypertrophy of the adrenal glands;
  • violation of metabolic processes in the body.

Such problems can not only for a long time knock a person out of the sport rhythm injecting testosterone for bodybuilding, but also affect his health in general. Therefore, strict compliance with the instructions plays a huge role and makes it possible to avoid problems in the future.

Finally, it is required to provide a list of the most popular anabolic drugs used by modern bodybuilders. It looks like this:

  • Synthol;
  • Esiclaine;
  • Fenobolin;
  • Metastrostanolone;
  • Silabolin;
  • Retabolin;
  • Methylandrostenediol.

The above medicines guarantee the strengthening of muscles and the overcoming of stagnation in the training process. However, they can be fully used only by professional bodybuilders, and the effectiveness of such products is still not worth it to harm their health.



  1. Eagle99 October 2, 2018

    I’ll never understand anyone who uses chemistry. Why spoil your health?

  2. fish-max October 8, 2018

    i use injectable testosterone. the main thing is to visit the doctor more often, so that there are no problems

  3. underdog October 16, 2018

    For over 20 years, bodybuilders have been using testosterone. Its use has long been studied, as well as compiled the right cycles from sports doctors.

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