How to Thin Waist: 4 Ways to Make Your Waist Smaller
how to thin waist

Statement to women “how to make your waist smaller? It’s very simple!” from fitness trainers – this is one of the most popular manipulations. We all see retouched photos of models that, in addition to a flat belly, show us a wasp, graceful waist. Of course, everyone will want the same!

But we will not deceive you.

A thin waist is, first of all, genetics and body type.

For some it is a natural body structure that is easy enough to emphasize (for example, a woman with a “pear” figure), but for someone it is an unattainable ideal (for example, a woman with a “rectangle” figure).

But we are all different, let’s start from this. If it didn’t work out with a thin waist, then it’s better not to get hung up on how to make a waist, but to emphasize your other advantages. There is no miracle method or magic pill for a thin waist, alas. And promoted waist exercises and gadgets such as the hoop, corset, and side bends will only make matters worse.

how to make your waist smaller

4 Ways to Get a Smaller Waist

But still, there are several tricks that will help answer the question of how to make the waist visually thinner. Attention: visually! This does not mean that you will tighten the belt tighter and switch to smaller clothes. The waist volume from the listed secrets will change slightly, but visually – you will become the owner of a completely slender waist.

1. Strengthening Core Muscles

To do this, you need to make a vacuum and a bar. This will make your waist look slimmer when viewed from the side, but will not affect the curve. But again, we are telling the truth.

2. Upper & Lower Body Workouts

Try recomposing the shape. In the gym, train the lower and upper body, with a beautiful inflated back and enlarged buttocks, the waist will visually appear thinner and, paradoxically, more feminine.

3. Abdominal Muscles Toned Up

Get in the habit of keeping your abdominal muscles in good shape. First, strain them as soon as you remember (it is convenient to put a reminder on your phone and strain your stomach for a few minutes every hour).

4. Reduce Body Fat

If objectively there is excess weight, then there is even no question of a thin waist. It will hide behind a layer of fat until its owner works to reduce strategic reserves.


By the way, if you still decide to work on a thin waist, do not forget about the quality of the leather. Self-massage, contrast showers and rubbing will help your waist look better and slimmer.

There are a dozen more ways to visually thin the waist using clothing, but we will not go into other people’s territory.

What’s the conclusion? Even if you by nature do not have a thin, feminine waist, this does not mean that others will not consider it. Visually, the waist can be reduced. A little effort and you will succeed.