HIIT Workout: How To Train 2 Times A Week, And Look Perfect
HIIT Workout

Many people are fixated on the classical training program: 8-10 exercises / 2-4 sets / 15-20 repetitions. We do not deny its effectiveness, but, people, add variety to the training process – this is useful for both physics and the psyche. Interval training is great.

HIIT Principle – Low Intensity Cardio + Killer Workout

Interval training is the alternation of a medium-intensity load (rest phase) with a high-intensity load (load phase) in equal time intervals.

  • Duration of the rest phase = duration of the load phase = 2 to 10 minutes. The duration of the resting phase can be increased or decreased depending on the preparation.

The intensity of the load determines the pulse: the higher it is, the higher the intensity, and vice versa.

Hiit Heart Rate

Heart rate during exercise = 60-80% of MCHP (maximum heart rate: 220 minus your age)

Heart rate during rest = 40-50% of MCHP (maximum heart rate: 220 minus your age)

  • The number of repetitions in strength exercises does not matter since we monitor the intensity by pulse. 

3 types of interval training:

combination of power (anaerobic) and cardio (aerobic) load,

  • cardio interval training,
  • strength interval training.

Metabolic Training Goal

Yes: keeping fit, losing weight (fat burning), increasing strength and endurance.

No: muscle gain.

An Example Of Upper Body Hiit Workout

  • Lunges 3 minutes
  • Track Run 3 minutes
  • Push-ups 3 minutes
  • Running on the track 3 minutes
  • Pullups 3 minutes
  • Running on the treadmill 3 minutes
  • The number of cycles (cycle = rest phase + load phase) depends on the level of training and can vary from 4 to 10.

Example Of Low Impact Hiit

  • Squat 3 minutes (high heart rate zone) hardy.
  • Raise the pelvis in the bridge to the buttocks for 3 minutes (low heart rate zone)
  • Lunges 3 minutes (high heart rate zone)
  • Leg curls with a light weight of 3 minutes (low heart rate zone)
  • Deadline 3 minutes (high heart rate zone)
  • Leg breeding 3 minutes (low pulse zone)
  • Exercise bike at a high pace 3 minutes
  • Exercise bike at a slow pace 3 minutes

Example Of Low Impact Hiit

Ways to diversify the workout and increase the load.

Do not go in cycles on a treadmill – use a stepper, skipping rope, ellipse, rowing machine, jump on barefoot or practice jumping ligaments.
Try in the interval in isolation to work on only one muscle or group of muscles – this is difficult.
Take the risk in the interval to perform exercises in a circular system – this is generally tin.
Increase weight to increase the intensity of the workout, but do not forget that it is all about endurance, and not about gaining weight, which requires large weights.
Increase the duration of the load phase in relation to the duration of the rest phase, but do not exceed 10 minutes.


Time Efficient Exercise Periodicity

2 times a week is enough, since the training is quite intense.

In a day, it’s permissible, but let the muscle groups recover.

Once a week / 2/3 / month – for a change.

Hiit With Weights – Contraindications

Interval training is a rather serious load, therefore they are contraindicated for people suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system.