Chest Exercises For Beginners
Chest Exercises For Beginners

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If you are here, then you are wondering where to start training the pectoral muscles. We will tell you about several basic exercises that will prepare your body for training with a barbell and help keep your chest muscles (and not only) in good shape. Many ignore these exercises for unknown reasons. And professional trainers, on the contrary, advise them for everyone who is just starting to get in shape.

Upper Chest Exercises: Lat Pull Down

Upper Chest Exercises

Choose the required weight and hold the handles firmly. Put your hands in front of you and take a step forward. Take a step and get your hands together. Bend slightly at the waist and leave one leg in front of you. Bending your elbows a little, take your hands back until you begin to feel the stretching of the pectoral muscles. Put your hands back in the starting position. For stability, it is necessary to connect the muscles of the core so that only the shoulder joints move. First, try one set of 15–20 reps. In addition to the benefits for the chest, the meaning of the exercise is to strengthen the ligaments and joints. This will allow you to reduce the risk of injury during training. In the end, just being a beginner doesn’t mean you have to make mistakes.

If you feel that it’s easy for you, try to perform the exercise with one hand, but at the same time keep the core muscles in tension to achieve the correct path. If it’s hard, it’s very simple: lose weight.

Seated Chest Press: Proper Form And Technique

Seated Chest Press

Sit back on the simulator, feet should be pressed firmly to the floor. Holding the handles, as you exhale, squeeze them so that your arms are stretched out at the elbows. Return to the original as you exhale. Try to perform the exercise so that the head is motionless, and focus on the work of the pectoral muscles during the bench press. Perform the exercise in one approach with 15-20 repetitions. Important: do not use heavy weight. Light weight combined with frequent repetitions will prepare your muscles for more serious and complex exercises.

If you feel that it’s easy for you, you can complicate the exercise by increasing the time to return to its original position at least twice. If you feel that it’s hard, simplify it: grab the vertical arms – this will reduce the load on the pectoral muscles and will contribute to a better study of triceps.

Push-Ups For Chest Definition

Push-Ups For Chest Definition

Starting position: palms are shoulder-width apart, legs are together. The body should be straight as a bar. To achieve this, strain the abdominal muscles and, of course, the back. Look in front of you, head up, back straight. Now go down. Do this until the chest (or at least the hair on it) touches the floor. Yes, obvious things, but there are such “craftsmen” who do a hundred push-ups per minute, but at the same time do not achieve results, since they drop by two centimeters. Control your elbows and make sure that they do not diverge, and as you exhale, return to your starting position. For the first time, it will be enough to do two or three sets of ten push-ups. Do not forget to control the back (plank) and slowly lower yourself. Control the movement.

If you feel that it’s easy for you, alternate between different options. You can put your hands a little wider – so you better work out your shoulders. Put it already – you’ll work out triceps better. And if you have a very narrow grip – you will work out the middle of the chest. If it seems hard for you, place your legs in a starting position a little higher. This will simplify the downward movement, but complicate push-ups. For beginners, push-ups are ideal exercises, since they use the whole body, including the core muscles.

Dumbbell Chest Workout: Dumbbell Bench Press

Dumbbell Chest Workout

Lie down on a bench and take dumbbells in your hands. Raise sports equipment one at a time and hold them in front of your shoulders. Before your shoulders, and do not immediately raise your hands up. Turn your brushes so that your palms look at you. Squeeze the shells up as you exhale. Take a second delay with your arms fully straightened above you, and then return to the starting position. Perform three sets of ten or fifteen repetitions. Do not overdo it. Most of us have one side of the body stronger than the other, and exercises with dumbbells can make the muscles of the chest balanced. If the weak side of the body reminds itself, it is worth stopping. You don’t need skewed, crooked chest.

If you feel that it’s easy for you, or if you just already mastered this exercise, go to exercises with a barbell. You need to determine the maximum weight that you can squeeze at a time. At the same time, do not forget that you need insurance. If it’s hard for you, tilt the bench at a thirty-degree angle. This will reduce the load on the pectoral muscles. And if you are shaking from stress, then you need to reduce weight.

Chest And Shoulder Workout: Pull-Ups

Chest And Shoulder Workout

If you didn’t pull yourself up or did it for a long time, you need to start with a simple hanging on the bar. If you are in good shape, then do so. Hang on the bar and place your hands slightly wider than your shoulders. Bend a little in the thoracic region, the ankles should be crossed. Pull yourself up, bringing your shoulder blades and raising your chin over the bar. Return to starting position and repeat. Do three approaches with the maximum number of repetitions. That is, as many repetitions as you have enough strength. Do not forget about a very important point: at the lower point you need to straighten your arms completely in order to stretch your muscles well.