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This site has always been, is, and will be about the steroids truth. You are either real or not, there is no third. This article does not pursue the goal of denigrating anyone, placing a subnomination or promoting something. This is just an object-willow look at CrossFit and drugs that improve indicators. It is written because we are convinced that no one else understands this moment as it really is.

If you doubt us or our competence, or you do not understand why we think that “we understand everything as it really is”, but the rest do not understand, then the next section is just for you. If you already know who we are, you can easily skip the next part of the text and start reading from the section “Passing the test for steroids.” If you find it difficult to read “multi-bookmarks,” you will be more likely to skip this part and go to the section “What does anyone use? This section can be read as an independent article, regardless of whether your brain can handle other parts.

The 2018 CrossFit Games Individual
The 2018 CrossFit Games Individual

Who are we?

The first I start (ER). I am a certified Crossfit instructor since 2011. Before that, I practiced Crossfit for a couple of years among my regular workouts. For the first time I wrote about it in 2009. As you remember, for the first time, CrossFit was talked about in “FitnessRx” or “Muscle Insider” many years ago (before Reebok was drawn to this, and before Crossfit got to ESPN2). You may also know that I was the one who helped this happen. What does this mean for the expanding company Crossfit Inc., so is it that I have more experience with this topic? than most CrossFitters, most Crossfit trainers, plus Crossfit hall owners. I also practiced and coached athletes in college and at the national level. In addition, I am a certified trainer in several sports besides Crossfire. I have written three books about steroids, plus some of the best-selling books that were quoted in the New York Times as an expert opinion. Also my works are mentioned in medical journals, well, they were done in general. Most articles and various sites about anabolic steroids were also written, I do not boast. I just show you that I know what I am talking about and have been in this subject for quite a long time. It should be clear to crossfitter, who may turn around by stumbling upon this article as a wall and not knowing who I am. If you read about steroids on, most likely it was written by me. The same can be said about and many other sites.

John Romano
John Romano

The second author of this article, John Romano (DR), was an HBO consultant, 20 \ 20 and many other news articles, but you probably know him better by “More, Faster, Stronger” or by his section in 20 \ 20. Maybe he was remembered by you as the chief editor of Muscular Development… or… Well, in general, if we speak directly, then for two we have with John almost 60 years of experience in the field of increasing productivity in sports, especially with the use of prohibited and illegal drugs. This includes bypassing Olympic tests on steroids. Consequently, we can unconditionally tell you that in basketball, baseball, cycling (track and street) football, boxing, hockey, wrestling, and ballroom dancing, ping-pong and under-basket weaving, the only participants Which do not use any form of drugs to increase efficiency – it is the user, who did not take a place, and then they are suspected. Do you think Crossfit is any different? If yes, I have an excellent bridge in New York, which I will gladly offer you.

More than 30 years ago, I began to work on finding out where the line is in improving the efficiency of athletes, with the use of prohibited devices and without them. My teacher was the steroid guru and author of the very first guide to steroid use, Dan Dachain. Since that time, I have focused more on a career in journalism, but always turned my attention to the topic of efficiency. I worked not only with bodybuilding professionals and amateurs (both men and women), but also with boxers, mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters, baseball players, football players, ballet dancers, models, policemen, firefighters, lawyers, businessmen, people suffering from anorexia and fattening. And since I allocated 10% of my 20 000 sq. M. m. hall for functional training, I also worked with clients from this area. I helped them prepare for different types of competition, achieve their fitness goals, increase their strength and general fitness, and often this includes getting the most out of the use of illegal drugs.

So this should be enough to say that any article written about steroids and CrossFit until today was written not by people who have experience that can be compared with my or John’s experience in this area (I apologize for a little schizophrenia in writing style). articles, but believe me, it will be worth your time).

Simply put, each previous article, in which there were attempts to address this topic, claiming a drop of authenticity, authenticity, or honesty is immediately sent to the garbage. In fact, the article we saw on this issue is a lot of terrible shit, and that is putting it mildly… Very mildly…

Crossfit games
Crossfit games

Cheating test for steroids

Cycle A – Rod, written by hand.

Sometimes it seems that Crossfit has emerged as the opposite of bodybuilding. My career is uniquely associated with bodybuilding more than with Crossfit, and so I naturally went to BB Lager when the “war” against the CF started. Nevertheless, there are two sides of one medal. CF and BB have more in common than different. And whether you like it or not, this includes steroids from the spectrum of substances that improve the performance of athletes.

We will not sweeten the following fact, we helped people to cheat tests for steroids. We studied the majority of modern tests for steroids, we know what is now “in the game”, and that at the study stage we know what the trend in the sports community is and what steroids come from China and which are from other places. Simply put, we can help in any sport, including Crossfit with the use of substances that improve the effectiveness of inas will not be caught. Once again, we do not boast. We simply try to tell readers who did not know us before, where we came from and what we know. We know without any doubt that steroids are ALREADY in CrossFit, because some trainers have already been arrested for selling. So this is an irrefutable fact.

Crossfit games 2019
Crossfit games 2019

The idea of ​​tests for steroids, even olipian tests, is simply an effective idea to deter children and beginners from using these substances. The idea that an athlete who has passed the test, even if it is an Olympic test, is clear is an absolute delusion. The steroid test is an intelligence test. Only complete idiots fail. And perhaps the best illustration of this is the fact that Lance Armstrong is the most verifiable athlete, NEVER was caught and most, if not all, athletes look clean. They simply were not caught using these expensive verification protocols. There are lots of ways to circumvent the standard test for prohibited substances. You only get caught if you are stupid. This of course causes images of champions caught with flat pants and syringes in the sleeve. A general public discussion should always be about fair play, sporting spirit, following the rules and the winner will not see the necessary cup. Unfortunately, the belief in this is not even old, but antique, and occupies its place among the belief in the existence of Santa Claus or the Easter rabbit.

Of course, since Crossfit’s homeland — the United States and Crossfit — it was playing “games,” it’s quite natural to be politically correct, and talk about equal opportunities and fair play. All this is part of a large advertising machine. I am even surprised at how Crossfit has lately appeared in the modern vocabulary of liberal politicians who, with their speeches, prepare our young people for the inevitable, saying that everyone can win in the real world. Could this be so while everyone is having fun, huh? But, of course, there is no and Crossfit can be a litmus test for other sports, as is supposed by mother nature.

Squad crossfit games
Squad crossfit games

Read about steroids in crossfit


Until this year, CrossFit Games used a not-too-strict testing protocol. There were no tests for doping in the offseason and unexpected tests. Practically, this meant that you could use something that does not have long-term metabolic products in the organism, almost all year round: injections of testosterone, growth hormone and any wheels you can get – oxandrolone (anavar), fluoxymesterone / halotestin, shouting – turinabol ( the one used by the East Germans), etc., whatever. If you are familiar with the name of a star of baseball Alex Rodriguez, who was caught on doping more than once, and you know about the last removal from participation (remember – he passed the test, which did not show a positive result, but you just “laid it”), then you know that the athlete can act in any sport, use the following substances (and still cleanly pass the test):

  • Testosterone, 10% cream for skin application, “grandfather” of all anabolic steroids
  • Testosterone (Troches) – 19% oral pills
  • HGH – you know what it is.
  • Peptide CJC-1295 is an injection peptide that stimulates the production of hGH and IGF-1.
  • GHRP is another injection peptide that stimulates the production of hGH and IGF-1.
  • IGF-1 – insulin-like growth factor 1 – a compound for injections, which was supposed to be a metabolite responsible for the anabolic effects of growth hormone.
Steroids Drug Testing
Steroids Drug Testing

There are also a couple of other means that come to mind (insulin, etc.), but it will suffice to mention that if Top Baseball cannot rely on a positive test when checking a known amateur cheat who accepts all these funds, then sport produces only a hundredth of the total rhubarb – all the more it can not The “problem” here is not that the competing Crossfitters can use dope – any person can, in any sport. So what makes CrossFithers different? We don’t see a definite bid for higher moral soil, which Crossfitters – or anyone – can boast about any other sport.

To the note: If you say – or even think – the athlete does not use doping because his belief forbids immoral behavior, we would politely remind you of the fact that the disproportionate and essential part of Catholic priests was engaged in molesting children, which is undoubtedly more like an insult to God, than the use of steroids (if bymy were going to use the Judeo – Christian God as a prerequisite in this discussion – what we are not going to). So for anyone who was going to call the name of Christ as a defense for someone, you can stop reading right now.

Who conducts the test?

Den Bailey for several years, occupying the top lines in the CrossFit Games results, believes that steroids are actually used, and that no one is aide. And here we agree with him. He also wants the organizers to work more actively on doping-testing. And here we will not agree with him, because we do not see anything terrible in the use of doping. We still disagree with the hypothesis that a company that produces doping tests… as if to say this… is a little suspicious. And the results of their tests, to put it mildly, are misleading.

Examination at CrossFit is carried out by a private company with the very loud name “National Center for Sport without Doping”. This company has been repeatedly criticized for a variety of reasons.

So, it turns out that Doping is used at CrossFit? Let’s forget about the recent confessions, the accusations made in connection with well-known dragdillers, obviously “leaky” tests of doping, as well as revelations, and look at the question from another side:

Stacie Tovar celebrates at 2016 CrossFit Games
Stacie Tovar celebrates at 2016 CrossFit Games

“The work of the Center for Sport without Doping and similar companies can be used to mislead fans,” says Dr. Don Kathleen (a scientist who caught BALCO in deception), and Dr. Charles Yesalis believes that cooperation with the Center for Sport without Doping allows “believable deny the use of doping. ” Also, the organization provides services todoping – control on order. You may hear that the Center conducts tests for doping for any University of Sports, but in fact, the University pays only for tests on the use of cannabis. Or they test for the use of “street” drugs, but not doping. Or, alternatively, they only check some steroids. Or, or, or… so they mislead people. This organization claims to conduct doping tests for a local bouncers competition, but in fact it tests only for drugs, not for doping.

Testing costs $ 150, they will check “every substance” in the list of WADA anabolic steroids. For $ 80, you can get a test for +/- 20 substances (and for $ 20, you can get “ZJ”).

Cheating test for steroids. Part 2.

Anabolics are 1/9 of the category in the official WADA list – various hGH and IGF related to peptides, as the strong ones listed above, are not in this category. Not a single masking agent.

Thus, the “National Center for Sport without Doping” does not test for masking agents or peptides. Plus, get at least a few hours of warning before urinating into the tube (more than enough time for the masking agent, etc…). And they do not verify anything that is actually outside the list of anabolic steroids. So right here, we gave you the formula to beat them, is to use a masking agent to hide steroids, or by using peptides or anabolic steroids that are not included in the list (there are some metabolites that are not) – and, of course, such things like high-speed testosterone, which they cannot be able to detect at all, nor anyone else, ever, could.

As for the off-season checks, all you need to do is say, immediately after the Games, declare: “I will not be in the coming year,” and then say “I changed my mind” and register at the last minute – this throws my name into a random pool, and there is a minimum of six months to squeeze all the juice from the brain. Hypothetical.

Crossfit Half Marathon
Crossfit Half Marathon

Because science

Are Crossfit Games Clean? Science says probably not. Without pretending to any specific “internal knowledge” (of which we have a lot), we will be considered a snook, and in particular, with a critical study that has studied bodybuilders in the droidoid era, and trying to find the maximum number in relation to height / weight, which can be clean from doping. What these scientists did, in fact, was the study of bodybuilders who acted in dosteroidoye, looking at their physiques, and also setting a cut point that can be achieved in natural way, they introduced the formula Dry Body Mask Index (FFMI). Let’s take a look at this research (you can skip this part too, here the authors say that, statistically, SFFF 25 or higher probably uses doping).

Kouri EM, Payp SHG J., Katz DL, Oliva P. Information from the authors. Abstractly.

We calculated the dry weight index (FFMI) on the basis of 157 male athletes, including 83 taking anabolic androgenic steroids and 74 non-taking. FMI is determined by the formula: (dry muscular mass in kg) * (height in meters) -2. Then we added a small correction: 6.3 * (1.80 m – height) to normalize these values ​​to a height of 1 – m. Person. The reduced FFMI values ​​of athletes who have not used steroids have been extended to a well-defined 25.0. In the same way, the sample of the 20 winners of Mr. America’s dosteroid era (1939-1959), according to which we evaluated the normal FFMI, had an average FFMI of 25.4. Conversely, many of those who took our selection slightly exceeded 25.0, and some even exceeded 30. Thus, although this data should be considered as preliminary, it seems that the FFMI may provide a useful initial measure for analyzing possible use of steroids, especially in sports, medical, or forensic situations in which people may try to refuse such behavior.

So let’s take a look at the unadjusted FFMI formulas for a bit more detail…

How the Dry Mass Index (FFMI) and Mass Index (FMI) are calculated

How to spot a fake natural
How to spot a fake natural

Each of the three formulas used is explained below. One of the first steps in the calculation is to deduce lean over gross body mass with the following equation:

■ Lean = Weight in kg x (1.0 – (Body fat %/ 100.0))

■ FFMI = (Lean / 2.2) / ((Height in ft x 12.0 + in) x 0.0254)2 x 2.20462

■ Adjusted FFMI = FFMI + (6.1 x (1.8 – ((Height in ft x 12.0 + in) x 0.0254)))

Here’s a sample FMI calculation:

Your fat weight = 10 kg (22 pounds)
Your height = 1.72 m (5’6″ feet)

Step 1:  multiply your height by itself (so 1.72 x 1.72 = 2.96)
Step 2:  divide your fat weight (10 kg) by 2.96
Step 3:  FMI = 10 / 2.96 = 3.38 kg/m2

Who is using?

All of the above leaves us with the question “who uses something that is forbidden?”. The study above draws a line at index 25, i.e. with numbers above 25 (starting at 25, 1…, etc.), the scientists suggest that subjects use anabolic steroids or a different form of doping — although they note that the winners of Mp. Amerikosterosteroid era (presumably the most muscular men in the country) had an average of 25, 4 – so let’s see who of the TOP – 10 CrossFit menGame of the last year has FFMI 25+, based on their CrossFit games data. Let’s also assume that human genetics haven’t changed much since 1950 (the droid-era), did you agree?

An index of more than 25 does not mean that they use steroids, it simply means that according to the above studies and according to the above scientists, there is a high degree of probability that the case is not limited to sports nutrition alone… if you need more recent examples of FFMI, Barry Bonds had an index 28 in 2002 (according to the book “Game of Shadows”) is the very year when it is known that he used anabolic steroids, when he set the main league record for walking, the attacks broke the record Mark McGwyer.

CrossFit Games
CrossFit Games

The fat content will be our guess, but let’s be honest and say that we are talking about one average figure for most men, we also raise their chances of leaving the water dry by setting a rather high 9% fat, which usually means that the cubes on the abdomen are quite noticeable. We are also ready to admit that there may be good doctors in Gar-ward who conducted the tests, missed several points, and the uteroid Mrs. America had an average of 25.4, so why would we (well, just for fun) set our Planck 26 and not 25, and see what we see?

So, if we go “by the book” and suppose that the above study is still true, and that FFMI 25+ is indicative of the likely use of steroids, we should put a check mark next to each of last year’s TOP – 10, except for one (Ben Smith). If we nevertheless increase the bar to 26, because the scientists have underestimated our potential, it will still be 50% higher (the average of these 10 athletes is 26.02, which is more common than that of the tester-like winners of America.).

Much to form the triple champion Rich Froningad is his amateur baseball career, so we will compare him and his colleagues with famous baseball players, this is how it will look: from the point of view of the non-adjusted FFMI, Froning’s score is 26.4, the same for baseball player Alex Rodrigues while Neil Maddox’s score is 0.1 higher than that of Jose Canseco, and Markus Hendren’s score is 0.1 lower than that of Roger Clemens. If we use their “corrected” FFMI (normalized per person by 1.8 meters), we will get Froning – 26.1 (which is 0.3 less than in our comparison with Rodriguez, who in turn will increase to 27), Bailey drops to 25.2, Khalip to 28.2 (still up 0.1 by Mark McGwyer and Manny Ramirez), Hendren drops to 25.9, Bridges to 24.3, Anderson rises to 26.3, Panchik will allow 25, 4, Maddox will fold 0.1 to 26.8, Fischer will rise to 25.2, and Ben Smith will remain in place. If we use the “corrected” FFMI, only those that have decreased, and we set the bar at 26, we will still have higher rates for 40% of 10 athletes who (hypothetically) fall under the criteria for using steroids – even if we assume a higher content fat in their bodies and less muscle than they have objectively (* above, for baseball players, we still use 9% fat, presumably they also weighed more, there is at a time when it was certain that they use steroids – if they Were fatter, obviously, that their NCA has fallen to much).

Crossfit Open
Crossfit Open

We do not assume that someone is using steroids; we are simply trying to bring a certain amount of scientific knowledge into conversations that have been going on for the past few years. For comparison, the top world Crossfitters are statistically very close to the indicators for baseball players who were caught with steroids. For comparison, an absolutely pure Yankee player, DerekJeter has 22.3 FFMI or 23 corrected.

If we assume that the one who is more than Yevgeny Sandov (the statuette of Mr. Olympia) or, possibly, the one who is more than BarriBonds (at least half a point higher) is 100% sitting at the table, and set our bar at 28 FFMI, then we will still be look at Jason Kalipa (funny fact, sponsor Calipa, Progenex has connections with a steroid dealer who has already been charged), at the risk of repeating, we’ll also tell you that Barry Bonds had FFMI 28, which at one time was all possible records – and Kalipa has FFMI 28.5 (or 28.2 corrected)… higher than that of Barry Bond in his most e steroid period.

Reason to think…

You may not go home.

Obviously, we can take Evgenia Sandova as the highest indicator of what can be achieved in a natural way (again, probably around 27 FFMI), the fact is that this result of 100% was achieved before steroids were invented. Perhaps this is the best limit to evaluate… 27 / 27.5? Once again, we can name only a few people in history who have achieved such a level of musculature without outside help… After the middle of the last century, perhaps in the early 60s, we can no longer be sure what it helps to build the musculature. That is why the study cited above studies bodybuilders before 1959. After that, although the doses were still small and small, the drugs were already in the game.

Until the early 80s bodybuilding actively participated in the doping testing dialogue. Prior to the adoption of the Law on Anabolic Control, Ben Vader was looking for opportunities to convince the IOC that bodybuilding should be at the Olympics, the several glaring deaths of high-level athletes prompted management to try to clear the bodybuilding reputation and focus on testing their athletes in the IOC community.

Pro Crossfitters
Pro Crossfitters

But after that, for most bodybuilders, the primary task was not to find ways to increase muscular natural ways, but to find ways to scam. Very soon after the start of the “natural movement” testing experiment in bodybuilding, it actually died. The early 90s, along with the criminalization of the distribution of steroids, bodybuilding became the first “sport” in which the division was divided into a “natural division”, which was tested for doping, and a “regular division”, the participants of which “said” that they are being tested, but not did it, or just planned to go through. My most detailed adventures with Duchein in this time consisted of two parts: how to get the maximum result and not break the rules, or how to cheat. At this point, ESPN ceased to patronize the bodybuilding ngu show and the only competitor to the non-doping control competition appeared on the screens – World’sStrongest Man, which many also formally denounced due to lack of testing. You may have noticed that Cross-Fit Games took airtime from Strongman… who took it from bodybuilding… The old adage says “what has already been seen is not impressive in the future” was perfectly illustrated by the collapse of the popularity of movements and their disappearance from ESPN. When the audience had already seen 250 pound mr. Olympia, she will not be delighted with the 213 pound mr. Olympia. That’s why after 250 pound Ley Haney we got 260 pound Dorian Yats, not 198 pound Shawn Ray.

Nevertheless, the most constant manifestation of human nature over thousands of years is the postulate – a man will go to any means to increase his steepness (productivity). Argue that athletes will stop using doping as well as prostitutes will stop doing blowjob. After it all started, the word “natural” in relation to bodybuilding has become very ghostly. There simply is no such thing. They began to observe as Mr. Olympia began to increase by 47 pounds from one contest to another. Bodybuilding has become a widespread and radical use of all possible preparations, far surpassing even the most radical ways during the “natural age”. But doping becomes obvious in any sport, if you know what to pay attention to.

Study the annual performance improvements in any kind of sportsport and you can pave a course that displays the use of doping. When the EPO test was developed, they immediately saw that the results of the marathon runners fell. When the Olympians were tested seasonally, we again saw a drop in the results. Guess what happened in 1989? Olympians were tested on the PED in the offseason. See this huge failure on the chart, this time improvement in men at a distance of 100 meters, which coincides with the wide open sale of GF-1 and other undetectable peptides on the Internet.

Jason Khalipa
Jason Khalipa

The study, published in the journal Drug TestingAnalysis, concluded that when a new drug appears for which no testing is developed, the results increase in all sports… when the test becomes available, the results fall everywhere. This is why doping tests do not work both in the bodybuilding ingga microcosm and in the macrocosm of the sport as a whole. (* charts were just borrowed from this study). All this is evident in all kinds of sports, in some more, in which it is less, but in the Olympians, high-paid pros, dope is the same part of the game as the uniform. Different scandals with doping, which flashed over many years in professional sports, indicate one-unit cases. In any sport, the individual tries to keep up with the whole team when it comes to improving performance. When someone is caught, it does not mean that the rogue is the only one caught, it means that one of the crooks is caught. It is very naive to think differently.

But remember that when we talk about CrossFit, we also have in view of any sport on the planet – and we do not say that someone uses steroids or will use them at CrossFit and / or at the Crossfit Games, we simply say that no sport is 100% pure and will not be.

At the Games there was not a single positive result for women men and only a few (for forbidden, but still legal supplements) in team competitions. We will speak, based on the data that is available, referring to the research we quote, that there is a high probability that someone is cheating. We also say that the company that conducts the tests is not very reliable, and that testing ourselves is a little ridiculous. Put it all together and what do you get? The end of our article.

The end of our article.

Authors: John Romano and Anthony Roberts. (C) Steroids, Crossfit, and The Crossfit Games: Who & How